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I'm talking about my own WIPs not anyone else's. I can't seem to have WIPs pending or work on more than one WIP at a time whether it's fanfiction or original fiction. I think having multiple WIPs has encouraged my lack of writing focus and just the plain old ongoing epic bout of procrastination I've been experiencing for a long time.

I currently have four WIPs that were started over the last two years, and I'll be adding a project for a fandom challenge to the list this fall.

Many authors, whether they're writing professionally or in fandom, can have a huge back list of WIPs going on or are able to work on more than one story at a time. I really admire their ability to do this; however, I am truly incapable of doing this or being that kind of writer. This conclusion, and I wouldn't even call it an epiphany, has been brought home to me over the last two years by my lack of output. I'm just finding it really hard to make myself sit my butt in the chair, write, and get shit done.

Over the last two years I've bombed on three writing challenges I've attempted with stories I am really excited about. In particular, my first original novel, which I started during NaNo 2016. I started like gang busters, but allowed RL and my own tendency to get in my own way to derail me. I hesitated trying to smooth out my writing process. I was stopped by my inability to focus on the pre-writing work that needed to be done. Needless to say, two years later I am only 12K in on an 80K novel without any excuse besides me being me.

I just can't deal with my unfinished work and until I deal with it, I won't get anything else done or reach my goals. I'm impatient though and talking myself down from the ledge of impatience, which just adds unneeded stress, is going to be an ongoing thing.

So my writing schedule is set until at least August. I have four fanfiction WIPs and one original novel to get done. To get them done, I'm going to do what I do best, focus on only one at a time.

Best, The Nut.


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