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I have never kept a resolution in my life, and I'm okay with that. That said, I'm thinking of 2019 along the lines of goals rather than resolutions. There are things I want to do and things I need to do that will help me be a happier and healthier person. So, Goals!

1. Write regularly, as opposed to in fits and spirts. Try not to focus solely on how slow a writer I am and come to grips with the fact I cannot write as fast as other writers. Comparisionitis will only frustrate me.

2. Deal with why I procrastinate whether it's procrastinating on writing or other elements of my life. Identify, the reasons behind my procrastination and get into new habits of non-procrastination.

3. Address my chronic pain issues to the best of my ability and make strides to be healthier. I found out recently I have double knee replacements in my not too distant future. How can I hold off on surgery? Should I hold off on surgery? I have some big decisions to make and I need to determine how I can be functional this year and in the future.

4. Stop dreaming and get doing. It's all on me to do what I need to do, to be who I want to be, and to make changes for the better.

5. Allow myself to occasionally fail without recriminations. Get back up, dust myself off and try again.

Goals are good and focusing on them rather than allowing distractions, whether real or imagined, will help me in the short and long-term.
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I'm talking about my own WIPs not anyone else's. I can't seem to have WIPs pending or work on more than one WIP at a time whether it's fanfiction or original fiction. I think having multiple WIPs has encouraged my lack of writing focus and just the plain old ongoing epic bout of procrastination I've been experiencing for a long time.

I currently have four WIPs that were started over the last two years, and I'll be adding a project for a fandom challenge to the list this fall.

Many authors, whether they're writing professionally or in fandom, can have a huge back list of WIPs going on or are able to work on more than one story at a time. I really admire their ability to do this; however, I am truly incapable of doing this or being that kind of writer. This conclusion, and I wouldn't even call it an epiphany, has been brought home to me over the last two years by my lack of output. I'm just finding it really hard to make myself sit my butt in the chair, write, and get shit done.

Over the last two years I've bombed on three writing challenges I've attempted with stories I am really excited about. In particular, my first original novel, which I started during NaNo 2016. I started like gang busters, but allowed RL and my own tendency to get in my own way to derail me. I hesitated trying to smooth out my writing process. I was stopped by my inability to focus on the pre-writing work that needed to be done. Needless to say, two years later I am only 12K in on an 80K novel without any excuse besides me being me.

I just can't deal with my unfinished work and until I deal with it, I won't get anything else done or reach my goals. I'm impatient though and talking myself down from the ledge of impatience, which just adds unneeded stress, is going to be an ongoing thing.

So my writing schedule is set until at least August. I have four fanfiction WIPs and one original novel to get done. To get them done, I'm going to do what I do best, focus on only one at a time.

Best, The Nut.

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I'm a fussy reader.

I'm not talking about being a fusspot about grammar boo boos or warnings I avoid.

I'm talking about why I like to read in fandom and what I look for when reading in fandom.

Canon Elements.

For me that's the whole point. Of course, all fanfiction is AU (Alternative Universe) to some extent to account for a writer's idea or character adjustments to account for a OTP. But, I rarely read what I call Pure AU's (PAU) where canon characters are dropped into a completely different setting or circumstance to canon. I won't say I never read them, since I have read some fantastic PAU's from authors whose work I've enjoyed. But in general, when looking for a story to read in fandom, I want the canon elements of setting and character to be present.

That's the point for me. I love the shows or movies from which I want to read fanfiction.

I want Spock to be Vulcan and on the Enterprise. I want Merlin to have magic and live in Camelot with Prince/King Arthur. I want James Bond to be an MI6 agent. I want Spencer Reid and the BAU catching serial killers. I want Derek Hale to be a werewolf and Stiles to be human.

That's a lot of I wants! And perhaps it sounds like I'm entitled reader, but I would never dictate to a writer what they should write. It's just what I'm looking for when I read in fandom.

I've read some fantastic PAU's in fandom. Mad Lori's Performance in a Leading Role comes to mind or mattmetzger's A Temporary Madness. But in general, a PAU is not what I'm looking for as a reader in fandom. I see PAU's as closely related to original fiction where the setting and world building is completely separate from canon. Where only the character names and perhaps, if the writer has the ability, elements of the canon character's personality comes through.

I've recently fell down the pit of despair (and I mean that only in humor) that is Teen Wolf after years of resisting watching the show. Needless to say, I've been in a real bing on it lately, and I've only found a few stories that have the canon elements I'm looking for. One of which I highly recommend, 

Pale Skin and Fragile Bone by fakinbrilliance

All of the canon elements I love are there. Stiles is human and I see this as special since he's the only human without supernatural abilities in the main cast of characters that make up the show. The setting is in canon with a new supernatural adventure to explore. This story hits all of the canon elements I'm looking for while still being divergent from canon and well written.

I have similar problems to finding stories I want to read in the Merlin (BBC) fandom. There are so many modern PAUs in that fandom, where Merlin is not magical and the past of Camelot is non-existent. That's not to say those stories aren't good or even excellent writing. Its just not what I'm looking for as a reader in the fandom. I want to read in the Canon Era of Merlin and it seems the majority of stories in that fandom are done in a modern setting without any of the canon elements I love. I have found some wonderful reincarnation stories that still have the canon elements I'm looking for as a reader. A wonderful example and an awesome story, I highly recommend is katherynefromphilly's, And like the cycle of the year, we begin again

And all these "I Wants" as a reader in fandom, is not to say I would never write a PAU. It could happen, if a plot bunny bit me on the butt hard enough.

But, in general, PAU's are not what I'm looking for when I want to read in fandom.

Best, The Nut
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Word count, can be a wonderful and distracting statistic to use. Writers judge whether they're doing well in getting the words out as quickly as possible or judge others for prolific writing. It's difficult not to compare yourself to other writers. I've gotten passed that for the most part. The elusive 5 to 10 K day, I know is impossible for me and for the most part during the working week over 1.5K/day is.

I wrote 2,257 words today on the first day of April's Camp Nano. Since I started writing, I've come to terms with the fact I am a very slow writer, usually no more than 500 words/hour, if I'm lucky. Sprinting with my Cabin Members in thirty minutes spurts and a few times on my own throughout the day was great. The one thing that I'm trying not to do is self-edit as I go. It's difficult. I chose my words carefully and it makes me very slow. However, I refrained from self editing today, for the most part, and increased my hourly word count on average to 900. It's a break through for me but I have learned something significant about myself and my writing over the last few years.

I have a lot of trouble re-writing. Writing fast, or what I would consider fast 1.5K or more an hour, does not and will not work well for me in my process. My first drafts don't change significantly to my final drafts. I do add and re-write, but not drastically where the final draft is unrecognizable from my first go. Honestly, I don't want my final draft to read so completely different from the first draft. Tweaking, adding texture, correcting sentences structure are all things I don't have a problem doing, but complete re-writing I'm pretty much not comfortable doing at this point.

That might change in the future, and perhaps my word count will continue to increase over time. That would be lovely but I do not want to have to re-write to the point I have to throw my words away. If going slower means less words, but also less re-writing, I'm good with that.

I'm a slow writer. I sped it up today and it was fabulous. I have a lot of self editing to do on what I wrote today. It's Nano and I'm trying to get a first draft done on an 80K novel. I'm going to try to keep my OCD of self-editing to the minimum and hopefully keep up the pace for the next few months until my first draft is done.

900 Word Per Hour

Sound and feels really good to me.

Best, The Nut.
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I just finished reading through Self-Editing for Fiction Writers: How to edit yourself into print by Renni Browne and David King.

I've only been writing for two and a half years and I've seen so much improvement in my work since that first story in July 2015. A few months ago, I decided in reading through my older works, to do some editing over the course of the next year to apply what I've learned. I found Self-Editing for Fiction Writers is a good book to take a gander at if you're thinking of self-editing your own work. Between reading books about the craft of writing like Self-Editing, listening to writing podcasts, and just writing and working to improve, I can see my rookie mistakes glaring at me from the pages of my early works.

The scourge that is the epithet is most noticeable in my early works. Forsaken has over a hundred epithet's describing Q as "the boffin" or "his boffin" and have to at some point let those go, go, go!

The use of as or ing is overdone in most of my works.

My dialogue mechanics, I think are generally good, but could use a bit less terms describing emotion, when the dialog by itself is perfectly cable of bringing the emotional state of a character across. Over using Dialog Tags in my earlier work is also another sin that needs some serious self-editing.

I'm getting better at using beats, and my proportion in regards to description is better than it was at the start, but I do have to be mindful of not overdoing my descriptions. However, I have had readers tell me that like my descriptive "style," so I do need to be wary of stripping too much of that aspect of my writing out. Trying to find a balance between all the elements of writing is the biggest challenge of all. Too much or too little of dialog, internal monologue, exposition, and description makes a piece of writing extremely unbalanced and affects the mood, flow, and pace of a story IMHO.

Overall, I'm happy with my author voice, the structures of my plots, pace, and characterizations. I do think working on self-edting and applying what I've learned to my early works will definitely improve my overall writing ability.

I'm still a Rookie, but I'm learning.


Oct. 11th, 2017 09:14 am
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There is a discussion going on today in one of the fandom groups about "constructive criticism" and one author replied that they believe that once you publish, ownership of the work is no longer solely the property of the author.

I disagree vehemently with this opinion. No matter whether you're a fanfiction author or are a original fiction author, publishing a story does not give ownership of your hard work and words to the reader. Yes, readers are your audience and a vital component to being a writer, but as an author, my stories, my words are my own. The amount of work put in to crafting a story, be it short or long, all comes from me, my time, and my devotion to creating a work that I ultimately want to read. Writing is very personal, very intimate, and yes, when you publish traditionally the end product (at least for a time) does belong to the publisher; however, the words written are still the authors words, my words.

Readers are wonderful, an audience to the intimate nature of the mind that is an author's work, but they ultimately do not and can not take ownership of an author's words.

Best, The Nut.
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I've seen a lot of writers lately, on a variety of social media groups, not really owning the fact that the stories they write come from them. They will say a variety of the following:

My characters wanted to go this way, not the way I intended.

I don't know where my story is going, but the characters will decide.

etc., etc., etc...

As a writer, my stories come from me.

Every thing that happens in one of my stories, came from my brain, my life experiences, and my ability to research for information I don't know.

If a story changes direction away from my initial plan, which happens occasionally that is on me. My plots and characterization do evolve as I write, as solutions to problems or new ideas come to me during the writing process. Characterization is important and should IMHO be consistent from beginning to end, but characters should change and grow and be a bit different by the end of the story.

I have to admit, it drives me batshit (at least privately... most of the time), when a writer doesn't take ownership of their work and talent in this fashion.

Best, The Nut.
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I've had a bit of a slow start to the Rough Trade Writing Challenge this week. It was a bit unexpected that writing in a new fandom would slow down my process significantly. Having struggled a bit this week, I realized that 1) I'm writing a Stargate Atlnatis Post-Season 5 story, so I don't have the earlier part of the series to work with event wise and 2) I'm also writing an original main character, as well as secondary characters with quite a bit of world building since there's a limited amount of information on the Ancients/Alterans and in turn Sateda in canon.

The first two initial scenes took quite a bit of my allocated writing time this week to get sorted, but the rhythm and pace of the story and characterizations are smoothing themselves out. My writing speed should finally start picking up now that I have my introductory bits sorted out. As usual, there is humor in my writing (at least when it comes to John and Rodney), which seems to be almost involuntary on my part. Overall, I'm happy with the start of the piece. 

Even with my snails pace (500 words/hour if it's going well), I should still be done with the first episode of The Descendant by the due date of July 14th.
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Well, I have my external events plotted out for The Descendant (Stargate Atlantis) series of episodes, so I'm happy about that. I do find the internal motivations for my characters more elusive in regards to the romantic aspects of the story. This always happens to me when I'm plotting. Sometimes, the character backgrounds I write do help in this regard, but not always. I find it particularly difficult when I'm writing in two main character's POVs, both of which have separate love interests (not each other). I've only done this in one other story, Find My Love with Danny and Sherlock. At that time I tried plotting external motivations and internal motivations separately for each of my main characters. I found that very difficult and ended up just using my main plotting document, adding what I could as I went.

These issues in writing always take a lot of time to work out and usually, I don't have all my ducks in a row before I write. It's a bit scary to me that my process is so fluid in this way. Ideas and solutions don't come all at once. I don't see the big picture at the beginning. It all comes as I write throughout the whole piece. Luckily, I always have a beginning and usually the end sorted before I write. I've only been able to plot out fully one story since I started writing fiction two years ago. It took me months to do and in the end, those elusive ideas and solutions were added to and changed as I wrote anyway. I would call myself a plotter (in general), but there's a lot of pantsing my ass off in my work as well.

I do wish I could see the whole picture before hand, especially for longer works. But, my process doesn't happen that way and I'm coming to accept that as a writer. In accepting that concept, I'm less trepidatious about writing to some extent. However, it also makes being a WIP writer a dangerous row to hoe, at least for me.

Best, The Nut.
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I have a couple of projects, in two new fandoms (at least for me writing wise) in the works, both of which are a bit different than what I've done before. The first is an Alpha/Beta/Omega action adventure romance for BBC's Merlin. The story length is planned at 50K and since this will be the first time writing an A/B/O, I'll be posting it as a WIP on The Wild Hare Project. The second project is in the Stargate Atlantis fandom, in which I've been a long time reader (and lurker). I'll be participating in the July 2017 Rough Trade Writing Challenge: Battle of the Five Fandoms hosted by Keira Marcos with this project. The challenge is to write in episode format for one of the five television series listed. Each episode is suppose to be a short story 5-15K in length. Writing in an episode format will be quite different to what I’m use to. The series for The Descendant is currently being plotted as a ten episode series and I’m going to shoot for on average 10K per episode.

I'm a bit trepidatious about writing both projects, but that is the point in challenging yourself and doing something different. I love both fandoms and both bunnies bit me in the behind last year and have been on my mind ever since since.

Best, The Nut.

Merlin is hiding more than his Magic from the King of Camelot.
Title: Camouflage
Author: Chestnut NOLA
Fandom: Merlin (Canon-Era)
Relationship(s): Merlin/Arthur Pendragon
Genre: A/B/O Dynamics, Romance, Suspense, Action and Adventure
Word Count: 50K (estimated)
The Descendant

An Ancient warship finds Atlantis and the crew consists of the direct descendants of the Alterans. A small contingent that has been in hiding in Pegasus for millennia. They can no longer sustain their population and had heard rumors of the Earth colonists on Atlantis. Captain Theodorus Mauritius Pastorem is a young, but experienced leader determined to find a safe harbor for what is left of his crew. Many have already ascended, but the Descendants that are left are not done living and fighting the creation of their ancestors.

Title: The Descendant
Author: Chestnut NOLA
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Genre: Romance, suspense
Relationship(s): Theodorus Mauritius Pastorem (OMC)/Ronon Dex; John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Warnings: Canon-level violence, explicit sex
Word Count (estimated): 100,000
Descendant: Theodorus Mauritius Pastorem [Theodore Maurice Pastor aka Theo]

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I'm currently plotting a Merlin novella that will finally dip my trepidatious toe in the A/B/O Trope. There are many aspects of the Trope I dislike and many that I like, so I'm doing my own take on it to keep myself happy. I do anticipate that some readers might not like what I do with the Trope, but I'm going to take that risk regardless.

For me, a character's ability to have free will is important and much of the A/B/O Trope takes free will away from the character's involved. Merlin in my view is a very independent person regardless of his servitude to Arthur and his duty to Destiny, so allowing him to have a choice in the matter of sex and "mating" is an important aspect of his character, and in turn how I'll write him.

I am a bit uncomfortable with dealing with gender issues, and possibly the changes to the trope I intend will be seen as a cop out. I really don't have any control (at least I don't think I do) in regards to readers interpretation of my work. The possibility of being accused of internalized misogyny again, is a risk I think that is inherent in the A/B/O Trope and one I'm willing to take.

Sex, race, religion, gender, are all areas/themes in fiction that can be difficult for writers to portray honestly without some sort of backlash. It's a sticky wicket, but being a writer who only takes the safe road or portray's the mainstream ideal rather than take on the challenge of the new, unknown, or unfamiliar does not allow for personal growth.

Best, The Nut.
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I could never relate to people who complained of chronic or arthritis pain in my youth. I was unsympathetic, thinking they were seeking attention or making their pain seem more than what it actually was. Even having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and dealing with the chronic pain of it all through the nineties really didn't change my idea of it. It was regularly troublesome and there were days that I was debilitated by it, until it was finally managed with medication and proper sleep. It's been managed for fourteen years with only the occasional flare. I was fine, I was doing well and having stiffness in the mornings was so commonplace it didn't even bother me anymore, once I got moving.

Fibromyalgia did not prepare me for the pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The muscle pain of Fibromyalgia does not compare to the pain of an RA flare (at least for me). I was diagnosed with it in the fall of 2014, brought on by environmental factors and possibly genetics. The only reason I knew what was probably occurring was because my twin sister had been diagnosed. It took her doctors three years to figure out what was wrong with her, so I was lucky in that regard.

I've been having a flare since Friday while traveling and at a professional conference. When you have pain in multiple joints (hip, knee, and toe on one side of the body, and wrist on the other side), just sitting for hours is torture, getting out of an airplane seat and shouldering your carry-on a teeth gritting experience. That flare settled down yesterday morning only to be replaced in the exact opposite joints today. It makes concentrating on anything except waiting for it to pass difficult. I'm typing one handed, which is the B-word all around. My RA flares seem to do this, they will occur in multiple joints, stay in those joints for about twenty-four to forty-eight hours, then migrate to the exact opposite joints. It's really unbelievable and scary feeling so old and gimpy, when I know I have a bit of time before I can really own the whole Little Old Lady salutation.

If you have chronic pain, I get you now and I'm sorry I never took it seriously before.

Best, The Nut.

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It is disheartening to realize that some things fandom has done in the past, are no where to be found on the internet now. About ten years ago, circa 2007 there was an free online e-magazine called, Forbidden Fruit.

It's tag line was something like "fiction for women who like men, who like men" or to that affect. It was publishing original stories by fanfiction authors, some of whom I know were published at some point afterward. It was edited by a few devoted hard working fan author souls and was truly unique at that time, (at least from what I could tell immersed in my lurking phase). It was fiction, specifically admitting that women were reading and writing slash, and enjoying the hell out of it without shame.

I have been unable to find even a digital footprint of it (and as a warning, actually googling the words forbidden fruit in any form is not a good idea). *clears throat*

So, just a question to the wider world or possibly anyone who remembers this publication. If you know where it is hiding, please let me know.

Best, The Nut.
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My grandpa served in WWI.

I asked him about his experience once, when he was about 90 years old. He was a medic working to bring the wounded in from No Man's Land, through mud, blood, and bombs. After a few minutes and one funny story about taking a bath outside in the middle of winter with ice ringed around the top of the tub. He started to tell me of an experience bringing in the wounded. After that second story, he paused, looked away and said, "Honey, I can't talk about this."

I don't think he ever told anyone about his experiences in The Great War.

Seeing the promos for the newest PBS documentary on the war got me thinking about Gramps. I was only 19 when I asked him such a serious question, not really realizing how serious a question it was for someone that experienced such horror. I always saw him as beloved Gramps, hollering with a slight Scottish Brogue, since he was always turning off his hearing aids to save the batteries (he got them free from the Veterans Hospital BTW, the old cheapskate). He was elf-like, with his big ears and nose that had continued to grow in his old age. His trousers belted just below his armpits. He was really a ridiculous, but spirited sight. My dad is looking more and more like him, just as deaf, stubborn, and ridiculous as Gramps was.

The Great War on PBS Airs April 10th. I'll be watching.

Mojo Blues

Apr. 7th, 2017 08:54 am
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I'm currently working on my original novel, Crescent City Boogaloo that I started last November during NaNo. I got derailed on writing at that time due to RL issues between family and work, but I've been in a bit of a funk even before that time. I found my last novella, Divergence difficult to write even though it was the first story I had plotted completely prior to writing. I was happy with how it turned out, but getting in the writing mode was just difficult.

I've barely written since last summer. I'm burned out by my every day work and my father had some health issues that were stressful (he's fine now, just his usual old fart self). I had to put some planned projects on the hiatus, since I was just not prepared to work on them. Dropping out of the Criminal Minds Big Bang (as a writer) and also removing my pinch hit story for the 00Q Reverse Big Bang has stuck in my craw. Those stories weren't going anywhere and it was bothering me more than I can express.

RL stress does affect every aspect of a person's life, and I know I'm not the only one to go through a period of general procrastination, avoidance of things that need to be done, and just generally being down the the dumps. So nothing unusual about my situation at all and I know there are many people in the world who have it worse than me. I try to keep that in mind.

Normally, I don't share negativity in my fandom spaces (at least I try not to). I know writing (when I am writing) makes me really happy and that this funk of RL has to stop affecting that to this unbearable degree. I know complaining will not accomplish my goals, only getting down to business will.

So that's my plan. I'm participating in April's Camp NaNo to work on CCB. I'm only 1K in word count in after seven days. A truly under achievement showing on my part. I'm very inspired by the story I want to write and the character's I've created, so there's no reason not to get a move on with it. I'm also excited about my other planned projects for the year and would love to be able to work on all of them at the same time. Alas, with my limited free time, one project at a time is all I can do, otherwise I'd be writing and still not getting anything done!

Okay, so complaints done, personal pep talk done, now on to the show.

Best, The Nut.
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I really do enjoy getting comments on my stories, as most writers do. In the past I have posted WIPs on AO3, which has helped to keep me on schedule. However, there are things some readers do when commenting on WIPs that can derail me and my writing process.

Readers who don't like my stories or interpret my stories in a way I did not intend, irritate or perhaps anger me (such as in the case of accusing me of internalized misogyny), but they do not completely cause a crash into a writing wall to occur.

There are two types of reader comments that do interrupt my writing mojo to the point that it takes quite a bit of effort on my part to ignore it and continue.

1) When a reader speculates on my plot and guesses where the story is going to go or what the climax is going to be.  2) When a reader tries, through their comments no matter how seemingly positive, to drive my story in a direction they want it to go rather than where I intend. These type of comments make me either, 1) want to completely re-plot my story right smack dab in the middle of the piece or, 2) stop writing on it for the foreseeable future.

So, I've made the decision not to post WIPs on AO3 anymore. I still want to have WIPs posted to help keep me on schedule, but AO3 is not the place to do it, at least for me. Neither is my own website, since I prefer to post only finished works there.

There is a new project in town that is for writers called, The Wild Hare Project. Hosted by Keira Marcos and created by her and Jilly James. Wild Hare is a new space for writers to post their works. A collective for those uncomfortable with posting elsewhere or uncomfortable with reader critique intruding on their writing process. Readers are welcome to stop by, read and comment, but the site is moderated to prevent certain types of commenting that could hinder a writer's ability to work.

I'll be posting any first draft WIPs on the site. I appreciate it as a safe space to explore tropes, fandoms, or pairings, I haven't dipped my toe in yet. I'll only post finished stories on my website and AO3 from now on.

If you are a new writer or a writer uncomfortable with posting your work in other spaces, you should check out The Wild Hare Project.
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I'm in the process of moving my journal over to dreamwidth. I've been on livejournal since 2005, but really didn't start using it (except for lurking) until 2015. Not to sure about the new TOS via the Russian Federation, as well as their unfriendliness to the LGBTQ community. I'm a slash fanfiction writer and believe in equality and respect for any community of peoples. So a move seemed the best option.

You can find me on dreamwidth here and of course on my website.


Apr. 5th, 2017 09:53 am
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I’m contemplating using my short ficlet, Legacy, as a jumping off point for an A/B/O Merlin (Canon Era) Novella. I’ve never written A/B/O Dynamics, and do find many things about the trope problematic. Mainly, the elements of rape (non-consent and forced seduction is rape IMO), and to a lesser extent descriptive heat preparation or copious amounts of semen (and that’s putting it delicately *clears throat*).

I’ll have to do some world building to avoid the aspects of the trope I inherently don’t like.

Set Season Four Post – The Darkest Hour

Initial Premise:

A visiting noble shows a sexual interest in Merlin. Merlin is not only hiding the fact he’s a Warlock, he’s also hiding the fact he’s an Omega Male. Omega Males were thought to be extinct. Merlin uses a tincture to suppress his scent and pass for a normal man.


Feb. 8th, 2017 05:08 am
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“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Albert Camus

A short ficlet for the prompt: Rebellion

To read the story head over here!
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I’m a planner, always have been (which is annoying some of the time), with set goals for most things in life. In regards to writing, I had to look over my crazed (continuously breeding) plot bunny file and sort out what I’ll be working on this year. I knew I had to be realistic and write what stories can actually be done with my limited free-time. Real life derailed my plans in the fall, so writing goals had to be set aside for the last three months. It’s made me a bit irritable, I always feel good and positive when I’m working on writing projects, so knew I needed to decide what stories I absolutely have to do this year.

So here it is, the plan (hopefully realistic) in order:

Title: Can I Kiss You Now?
Fandom: James Bond (Craig Movies)
Relationship(s): James Bond/Q
Genre: Romance, Humor
Warnings: Explicit (perhaps)
Word Count: 10,000-15,000 (estimated)

2016-2017 00Q Reverse Big Bang Challenge
Art by Myztic Myan Moon

Summary Pending Posting! (Shhhh it’s a secret until Saturday).

Title: Crescent City Boogaloo
Author: L.J. MacTavish
Fandom: Original Fiction
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Gay Fiction
Length: 80,000

Two years after the death of his long-time partner, NOPD Detective Oscar “Oz” Chadwick has no interest in romance or finding love again, no interest at all in opening his heart to another. Only his job, friends, and his saucy bit of good’s sister keep him focused to carry on despite his grief.

His job as a homicide detective for the New Orleans Police Department is always a good distraction, and Oz is on the hunt for a ritualistic serial killer causing chaos during the Carnival season.

With the FBI horning in on his case, his Police Commander riding him like Seabiscuit to solve it, and a one-night stand haunting him, in the form of FBI Special Agent, Jacques Verret. Oz must catch a killer stalking The Big Easy, all the while avoiding any additional romantic entanglements. You can read the first chapter here.

Title: Hunted
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Relationship(s): Spencer Reid/Aaron Hotchner
Genre: Suspense, angst, romance
Warnings: Canon-level Violence, Explicit sex
Word Count: 20,000-25,000

Criminal Minds Bang 2017 Challenge

The BAU is on the hunt for thirteen serial killers after a coordinated mass prison break. Little do they know one of the thirteen is after one of their own.

Title: The Descendant
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Relationship (s): Ansgarus Mauritius Pastorem/Ronon Dex; John Sheppard/Rodney McKay; OMCs OMFs
Genre: Romantic suspense and adventure
Warnings: Canon-level violence, explicit sex
Word Count: 100,000 (estimated)

July 2017: Battle of the Five Fandoms on Rough Trade

An Ancient warship finds Atlantis and the crew consists of direct descendants. A small contingent that has been in hiding for millennia. They can no longer sustain their population without inbreeding and had heard rumors of the Earth colonists on Atlantis. The captain is a young man, a descendant of Janus, brilliant and beautiful. Many of the crew have already ascended, but the Descendants that are left are not done living and fighting the creation of their ancestors.

Title: Obsessed
Fandom: Merlin (TV)
Relationship(s): Merlin/Arthur Pendragon
Genre: Romantic suspense
Warnings: Canon-level violence, explicit sex
Word Count: 20,000-25,000

A visiting noble shows a sexual interest in Merlin.

Title: Perfect Illusion
Fandom: James Bond (Skyfall, SPECTRE)
Relationship(s): James Bond/Q
Genre: Romantic suspense
Warnings: Canon-level violence, explicit sex
Word Count: 60,000 (estimated)

Inspired by London Spy

James Bond meets a young man sitting on a bench by the Thames. They eventually become lovers though Edwin (aka future Q) doesn’t know James is MI6. Edwin is a librarian and underground hacker. James goes missing and Edwin works to find him with the help of his hacker friends and perhaps a burly former Royal Marine neighbor, save him.

In between the larger projects, I hope to get some more shorts completed in the fandom’s of James Bond (Craig Movies), London Spy, Merlin (TV), Sherlock (BBC), Star Trek (AOS), and Stargate Atlantis.

Best, The Nut.


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