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I've seen a lot of writers lately, on a variety of social media groups, not really owning the fact that the stories they write come from them. They will say a variety of the following:

My characters wanted to go this way, not the way I intended.

I don't know where my story is going, but the characters will decide.

etc., etc., etc...

As a writer, my stories come from me.

Every thing that happens in one of my stories, came from my brain, my life experiences, and my ability to research for information I don't know.

If a story changes direction away from my initial plan, which happens occasionally that is on me. My plots and characterization do evolve as I write, as solutions to problems or new ideas come to me during the writing process. Characterization is important and should IMHO be consistent from beginning to end, but characters should change and grow and be a bit different by the end of the story.

I have to admit, it drives me batshit (at least privately... most of the time), when a writer doesn't take ownership of their work and talent in this fashion.

Best, The Nut.

on 2017-08-01 11:53 pm (UTC)
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I will say things like this on occasion but it's usually privately. I think that a lot of it has to do with not so much author not taking ownership and just more flow of words.

IE My brain won't stop adding things to this scene

but instead, the person will say: X character won't shut up, keeps on yammering away.

It's the same when people blame muses for an idea that won't go away.

I have a few stories that have got away from me while I am writing. I do love the way I went with that story and I know that I am the one that went that way and not my characters but really it's easier and funner to blame the characters than it is to blame myself.

As to not knowing where the story will go and letting the characters decide, that's just a really weird way of saying they are pantsing the story.

It also depends I think on the background of the person and what kind of artsy education they have had. I know that a lot of (paint, pencil) type artists are told to go where the muse takes them. Many have probably just shifted muse to "character" and just went with it.

on 2017-08-02 10:47 am (UTC)
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Yeah that would bother me as well. I agree there. I'm glad I didn't see that one.


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