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Well, I have my external events plotted out for The Descendant (Stargate Atlantis) series of episodes, so I'm happy about that. I do find the internal motivations for my characters more elusive in regards to the romantic aspects of the story. This always happens to me when I'm plotting. Sometimes, the character backgrounds I write do help in this regard, but not always. I find it particularly difficult when I'm writing in two main character's POVs, both of which have separate love interests (not each other). I've only done this in one other story, Find My Love with Danny and Sherlock. At that time I tried plotting external motivations and internal motivations separately for each of my main characters. I found that very difficult and ended up just using my main plotting document, adding what I could as I went.

These issues in writing always take a lot of time to work out and usually, I don't have all my ducks in a row before I write. It's a bit scary to me that my process is so fluid in this way. Ideas and solutions don't come all at once. I don't see the big picture at the beginning. It all comes as I write throughout the whole piece. Luckily, I always have a beginning and usually the end sorted before I write. I've only been able to plot out fully one story since I started writing fiction two years ago. It took me months to do and in the end, those elusive ideas and solutions were added to and changed as I wrote anyway. I would call myself a plotter (in general), but there's a lot of pantsing my ass off in my work as well.

I do wish I could see the whole picture before hand, especially for longer works. But, my process doesn't happen that way and I'm coming to accept that as a writer. In accepting that concept, I'm less trepidatious about writing to some extent. However, it also makes being a WIP writer a dangerous row to hoe, at least for me.

Best, The Nut.


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