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I've had a bit of a slow start to the Rough Trade Writing Challenge this week. It was a bit unexpected that writing in a new fandom would slow down my process significantly. Having struggled a bit this week, I realized that 1) I'm writing a Stargate Atlnatis Post-Season 5 story, so I don't have the earlier part of the series to work with event wise and 2) I'm also writing an original main character, as well as secondary characters with quite a bit of world building since there's a limited amount of information on the Ancients/Alterans and in turn Sateda in canon.

The first two initial scenes took quite a bit of my allocated writing time this week to get sorted, but the rhythm and pace of the story and characterizations are smoothing themselves out. My writing speed should finally start picking up now that I have my introductory bits sorted out. As usual, there is humor in my writing (at least when it comes to John and Rodney), which seems to be almost involuntary on my part. Overall, I'm happy with the start of the piece. 

Even with my snails pace (500 words/hour if it's going well), I should still be done with the first episode of The Descendant by the due date of July 14th.
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I have a couple of projects, in two new fandoms (at least for me writing wise) in the works, both of which are a bit different than what I've done before. The first is an Alpha/Beta/Omega action adventure romance for BBC's Merlin. The story length is planned at 50K and since this will be the first time writing an A/B/O, I'll be posting it as a WIP on The Wild Hare Project. The second project is in the Stargate Atlantis fandom, in which I've been a long time reader (and lurker). I'll be participating in the July 2017 Rough Trade Writing Challenge: Battle of the Five Fandoms hosted by Keira Marcos with this project. The challenge is to write in episode format for one of the five television series listed. Each episode is suppose to be a short story 5-15K in length. Writing in an episode format will be quite different to what I’m use to. The series for The Descendant is currently being plotted as a ten episode series and I’m going to shoot for on average 10K per episode.

I'm a bit trepidatious about writing both projects, but that is the point in challenging yourself and doing something different. I love both fandoms and both bunnies bit me in the behind last year and have been on my mind ever since since.

Best, The Nut.

Merlin is hiding more than his Magic from the King of Camelot.
Title: Camouflage
Author: Chestnut NOLA
Fandom: Merlin (Canon-Era)
Relationship(s): Merlin/Arthur Pendragon
Genre: A/B/O Dynamics, Romance, Suspense, Action and Adventure
Word Count: 50K (estimated)
The Descendant

An Ancient warship finds Atlantis and the crew consists of the direct descendants of the Alterans. A small contingent that has been in hiding in Pegasus for millennia. They can no longer sustain their population and had heard rumors of the Earth colonists on Atlantis. Captain Theodorus Mauritius Pastorem is a young, but experienced leader determined to find a safe harbor for what is left of his crew. Many have already ascended, but the Descendants that are left are not done living and fighting the creation of their ancestors.

Title: The Descendant
Author: Chestnut NOLA
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Genre: Romance, suspense
Relationship(s): Theodorus Mauritius Pastorem (OMC)/Ronon Dex; John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Warnings: Canon-level violence, explicit sex
Word Count (estimated): 100,000
Descendant: Theodorus Mauritius Pastorem [Theodore Maurice Pastor aka Theo]


Feb. 8th, 2017 05:08 am
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“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Albert Camus

A short ficlet for the prompt: Rebellion

To read the story head over here!
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I’ve been busily making art banners for authors participating in the July 2016 Rough Trade Writing Challenge hosted by Keira Marcos. July’s challenge is to write three short stories in any fandom fused with The Sentinel. My first attempt to write fiction was last year when I participated in the July 2015 challenge and since then, my world has expanded so much this year. I’ve made some great online and real life friends by stopping my lurking tendencies.

I recently participated in April’s Rough Trade completing my London Spy/Sherlock crossover fix-it story, Find My Love. It’s such a hard thing to write during challenge and post the work in it’s first rough draft form, but the engagement and support space that Keira’s created for newbie and veteran writers alike is a safe place to experiment and explore the craft.

I won’t be participating as a writer in for the challenge in July, but I’ll be an avid reader of the works being posted. I’m currently working on the third and final story in my Criminal Minds (Sentinel Fusion) series Transference to celebrate my first year of writing. Transference was the first story I ever wrote and since then I’ve completed ten stories and 224,043 words in the fandoms of James Bond, Criminal Minds, and Sherlock. Divergence will be my eleventh story and is scheduled to be posted by the end of July.

In other Nut related writing news, I’m the new moderator for the 00Q Reverse Big Bang Challenge! So, a bunch of new 00Q Artworks and Stories to come in January 2017! I’ll be posting more on that in just a few weeks!

For more information about Rough Trade head on over to the website here!

Best, The Nut.

P.S. To see full-size images of the banner art head over the gallery page here.

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Danny Holt has two options, believe and accept what he’s been told over the course of his torment by a nefarious government agency or continue his search for the truth. Though he’s been persecuted by a force he doesn’t understand and has no defense against, Danny is not ready to accept defeat. With the fire of his love for Alex still all consuming and the danger of pursuing the truth greater than ever, Danny needs an ally. Will the great detective and his blogger take his case?

Find My Love was written during the April 2016 Rough Trade Writing Challenge hosted by Keira Marcos. The story is a London Spy/Sherlock (BBC) crossover fix-it fic for both shows. You can read the story here.
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On April 1st, over 70 authors will be participating in the Rough Trade Writing Challenge (Spring Training) hosted by Keira Marcos. The challenge will run for the whole month of April and authors will start writing on the first of the month a story based upon the challenge theme, Second Chances. The theme will run the gambit from second chances at love, reunions, time travel, righting a wrong, and many more permutations to give characters a second chance at something. The stories posted will be novella length between 35,000 to 40,000 words and can be works of fanfiction or original fiction.

Authors will post their rough drafts as they are written and no editing of the works will be done during the challenge. The purpose of the Rough Trade Writing Challenge is to give authors a safe place to share works-in-progress and write on a dedicated timeline. Authors participating in the challenge can be newbies and veterans alike.

I started writing for the first time last July when I participated in the short story challenge on Rough Trade. My experience participating in the challenge and writing for the first time was extraordinary and life-changing. It was a wonderful experience and I appreciate Keira’s willingness to help authors hone their craft by hosting the challenge three times a year.

I’m ridiculously excited to be participating in April’s challenge as a writer, but also as a artist creating banner art to accompany the stories on the site. I’ve created banners in multiple fandoms and have enjoyed the opportunity to continue improving my digital art skills. The story I’ll be attempting will be a bit different from my previous work, more serious and dark in tone. Find My Love will be a London Spy/Sherlock (BBC) crossover of romantic suspense.

For more information about Rough Trade head over to the site’s homepage here.

To see full size images of the art I’ve done for the challenge head over to my digital fan art page here.

Best, The Nut.

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My three projects done in July for Keira Marcos’ “Little Black Dress” Writing Challenge have been accepted into the collection on AO3 (Archive of Our Own). There are currently nineteen works in thirty-three fandoms in the collection and more being added every day. The challenge is hosted on Rough Trade a writing website created by Keira as a safe environment for authors (new and experienced) to share works-in-progress whether it be original fiction or fan fiction.

The “Little Black Dress” Challenge is designed to help writers develop their short story skills creating three stories 10,000 to 15,000 Words in three different fandoms fused with The Sentinel during the month of July. You can find the collection on AO3 here. The site is maintained by the lovely Keira Marcos, Ladyholder, and Jilly James.

My experience in participating in the challenge was transformative for me and I can’t say enough nice things about it. For more information about Rough Trade and past/future challenges head over here.

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Unbeknownst to partial Sentinel John Watson a tentative bonding link occurred with Sherlock during their standoff with Moriarty at the pool. After having refused to bond with anyone for years--people are idiots--Sherlock is now afraid to lose the link that is helping him to stabilize his Guide abilities. As John’s other senses emerge will Sherlock be able to keep the bond secret?

Banner by the fabulous Jilly James

This is the third project written for the July 2015 Rough Trade "Little Black Dress" Challenge hosted by Keira Marcos. To find out more about Keira's writing challenges head over to Rough Trade at

Muse is on AO3 at here
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A spontaneous bond occurs between 007 and Q at their first meeting at the National Gallery. Can James, a diabolically independent Guide with abandonment issues accept a bond with his high-strung Sentinel Quartermaster?

Banner by the Fabulous Jilly James.

This is the second project written for the July 2015 Rough Trade "Little Black Dress" Challenge hosted by Keira Marcos. To find out more about Keira's writing challenges head over to Rough Trade at

Commune is on AO3 at here
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Banner by the Fabulous Jilly James.
Spencer Reid is a sensitive human with a newly emerged telepathic gift that links his mind to that of a serial killer. Arrested by the FBI on suspicion of murder, Spencer must convince the BAU and Sentinel Aaron Hotchner that he is witness to the crimes not the perpetrator. Can Spencer help the BAU catch a serial killer or will his telepathic gift be his downfall?

After much mulling and trepidation I decided to participate in Keira Marcos' Rough Trade a short story challenge held in July of this year. Transference is the first story I have ever written fanfiction or otherwise. It was challenging and very satisfying to do. I'll be completing a sequel in October. You can find out more about Keira's Rough Trade Writing Challenge at

I am posting my stories on AO3. Here is the link to Transference


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