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I'm currently plotting a Merlin novella that will finally dip my trepidatious toe in the A/B/O Trope. There are many aspects of the Trope I dislike and many that I like, so I'm doing my own take on it to keep myself happy. I do anticipate that some readers might not like what I do with the Trope, but I'm going to take that risk regardless.

For me, a character's ability to have free will is important and much of the A/B/O Trope takes free will away from the character's involved. Merlin in my view is a very independent person regardless of his servitude to Arthur and his duty to Destiny, so allowing him to have a choice in the matter of sex and "mating" is an important aspect of his character, and in turn how I'll write him.

I am a bit uncomfortable with dealing with gender issues, and possibly the changes to the trope I intend will be seen as a cop out. I really don't have any control (at least I don't think I do) in regards to readers interpretation of my work. The possibility of being accused of internalized misogyny again, is a risk I think that is inherent in the A/B/O Trope and one I'm willing to take.

Sex, race, religion, gender, are all areas/themes in fiction that can be difficult for writers to portray honestly without some sort of backlash. It's a sticky wicket, but being a writer who only takes the safe road or portray's the mainstream ideal rather than take on the challenge of the new, unknown, or unfamiliar does not allow for personal growth.

Best, The Nut.


Apr. 5th, 2017 09:53 am
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I’m contemplating using my short ficlet, Legacy, as a jumping off point for an A/B/O Merlin (Canon Era) Novella. I’ve never written A/B/O Dynamics, and do find many things about the trope problematic. Mainly, the elements of rape (non-consent and forced seduction is rape IMO), and to a lesser extent descriptive heat preparation or copious amounts of semen (and that’s putting it delicately *clears throat*).

I’ll have to do some world building to avoid the aspects of the trope I inherently don’t like.

Set Season Four Post – The Darkest Hour

Initial Premise:

A visiting noble shows a sexual interest in Merlin. Merlin is not only hiding the fact he’s a Warlock, he’s also hiding the fact he’s an Omega Male. Omega Males were thought to be extinct. Merlin uses a tincture to suppress his scent and pass for a normal man.


Feb. 8th, 2017 05:08 am
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“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Albert Camus

A short ficlet for the prompt: Rebellion

To read the story head over here!
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The skim of his clothes was a secretive sound in the blue tinted gloom of the pre-dawn hour, a lament that throbbed under his skin. Oz mused that the feeling was fitting as he tried not to wake the figure deeply asleep in the sex-rumpled bed. The form moved restlessly at the rasp of shoelaces, stilling Oz in the chair he was sitting in for a moment. The man quieted and Oz finished dressing before standing to thread his arms through his long woolen coat.

The clink of his glasses being lifted from the bedside table caused the man to roll over onto his stomach, the sheets slipping down to expose the tops of his buttocks. He was still, thankfully slumbering on, as Oz stood motionless next to the bed, looking his fill. Oz’s body ached from the pleasure he’d indulged in throughout the night. His skin hunger and physical needs finally assuaged after so long a drought of chosen celibacy. He lingered for a long moment more; admiring the masculine beauty of the stranger he’d given his body to. Shaking himself, he moved away as disquiet sliced through his gut, remembering the tears that had burned in the corner of his eyes in the midst of sex. Read More

This excerpt is a first draft of chapter one of my original novel, Crescent City Boogaloo started during 2016’s National Novel Writing Month.
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Two years after the death of his long-time partner, NOPD Detective Oscar “Oz” Chadwick has no interest in romance or finding love again, no interest at all in opening his heart to another. Only his job, friends, and his saucy bit of good’s sister keep him focused to carry on despite his grief.

His job as a homicide detective for the New Orleans Police Department is always a good distraction, and Oz is on the hunt for a ritualistic serial killer causing chaos during the Carnival season.

With the FBI horning in on his case, his Police Commander riding him like Seabiscuit to solve it, and a one-night stand haunting him, in the form of FBI Special Agent, Jacques Verret. Oz must catch a killer stalking The Big Easy, all the while avoiding any additional romantic entanglements.

Title: Crescent City Boogaloo

Author: L.J. MacTavish
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Gay Fiction
Length: 80K

Crescent City Boogaloo is my original fiction project for November 2016’s National Novel Writing Month.


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