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It is disheartening to realize that some things fandom has done in the past, are no where to be found on the internet now. About ten years ago, circa 2007 there was an free online e-magazine called, Forbidden Fruit.

It's tag line was something like "fiction for women who like men, who like men" or to that affect. It was publishing original stories by fanfiction authors, some of whom I know were published at some point afterward. It was edited by a few devoted hard working fan author souls and was truly unique at that time, (at least from what I could tell immersed in my lurking phase). It was fiction, specifically admitting that women were reading and writing slash, and enjoying the hell out of it without shame.

I have been unable to find even a digital footprint of it (and as a warning, actually googling the words forbidden fruit in any form is not a good idea). *clears throat*

So, just a question to the wider world or possibly anyone who remembers this publication. If you know where it is hiding, please let me know.

Best, The Nut.
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I have a number of stories confirmed for the rest of 2016 and a number of plot bunnies in mind for 2017. The bunnies were getting out of hand, so I felt I needed to address my writing schedule.

Confirmed stories for 2016 include:

Title: Divergence (Part 3 of the Transference Series)
Fandom: Criminal Minds (Sentinel Fusion)
Relationship(s):Spencer Reid/Aaron Hotchner
Genre: Romantic suspense, angst
Word Count: 35,000 (estimated)

In the midst of a serial killer investigation, Spencer and Aron’s relationship is called into question by their superiors at the FBI. With Spencer’s Transcendental powers increasing at a frightening rate, can he and Aaron keep their bond and Spencer’s abilities a secret? Or will they be forced apart to preserve their union?

A/N: I got a little behind schedule with my obsession in fully plotting this story out prior to writing. The first time since I started to write last year that I’ve been able to have a completed plot. I anticipate posting this story by the end of August 2016.

Title: The Descendant
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis (Post-Season Five)
Relationship(s): John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, Ansgarus Mauritius Pastorem (OMC)/Ronan Dex
Genre: Romantic suspense, humor
Word Count: 100,000 (estimated)

An Ancient warship finds Atlantis and the crew consists of the direct descendants of the Alterans. A small contingent that has been in hiding for millennia. They can no longer sustain their population without inbreeding and had heard rumors of the Earth colonists on Atlantis. The captain is a young man, a descendant of Janus, brilliant and beautiful. Many of the crew have already ascended, but the Descendants that are left are not done living and fighting the creation of their ancestors.

A/N: This will be the first story in the scifi genre I’ve attempted, as well as the longest story I have planned. I’ve been a long-time SGA fan, so looking forward to writing some McShep love this year, as well as creating an interesting Original Character. I anticipate starting to post the story in December 2016.

Those are the two confirmed stories I’ll be working on throughout the summer and fall. Of course, my 00Q (James Bond/Q) obsession knows no bounds, so I hope I’ll have time to get a few shorter stories done in that fandom before the end of the year.

Confirmed stories for 2017 include:

Title: (untitled)
Fandom: James Bond (Skyfall, Spectre)
Relationship(s): 00Q (James Bond/Q)
Genre: Romantic suspense, angst
Word Count: 60,000-80,000 (estimated)

After Skyfall James Bond is at loose ends physically and emotionally with the death of M. He meets a young man sitting on a bench by the Thames and they eventually become lovers. Edwin is all that James could want in a lover, smart, sarcastic, irascible, and inherently kindhearted. Of course, Edwin doesn’t know his boyfriend works for MI6. When James goes missing, Edwin will have to find out who his lover of ten months really is and with the help of his friends, (and perhaps a burly former Royal Marine neighbor) save him.

This plot bunny has evolved a bit since it bit me on the ass after watching London Spy in the fall of 2015. So a London Spyesq 00Q story was born. This will probably be a SPECTRE-AU story. This project will be the first I work on in 2017, so I hope to have it posted sometime in March or April. And don’t worry folks, Q will eventually become Q!

Title: Hunted
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Relationship(s): Spencer Reid/Aaron Hotchner
Genre: Romantic suspense, angst
Word Count: 50,000 (estimated)

The BAU is on the hunt for thirteen serial killers after a coordinated mass prison break. Little do they know one of the thirteen is after one of their own. With one man down, can the BAU save their friend and team member, Spencer Reid from an obsessed killer? Will Hotch lose the man he loves? The man who doesn’t know Aaron’s loved him for a very long time?

A/N: This bunny just whacked me upside this head this week, but I truly like the premise, so it’s a definite on my writing schedule for 2017. No estimated date of completion yet, but most like summer or early fall.

As for the rest of 2017, I would like to write at least one Sherlock (BBC) story and try my hand at a Star Trek (AOS) short story. Of course, there’s a few smaller 00Q’s on my list as well.

I’m looking forward to trying my hand at some longer stories and new fandoms in the coming months.

Best, The Nut.

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There has been a lot of debate recently with the uncertainty that Daniel Craig will not take up the mantle of James Bond again. I of course, hope he does at least one more (I’m a bit obsessed with his ears). Anywhoo, there was an interesting discussion in a 00Q fan group today and I’ve decided to share my opinion with the wider world.

In Noah Berltsky’s recent article, “The Names’s Jane: A female James Bond is exactly what the franchise needs right now,” he advocates Gillian Anderson for the role (I just love her BTW, she’s a fantastic actor). The examples of strong female character’s he uses to support his position are ALL original characters, not established long running male character’s made female.

I think fandom’s discussion about the possibilities of making 007 a woman or a POC is fascinating and relevant; however, I personally don’t agree that James Bond should be changed from Ian Fleming’s creation. When you change something fundamental about a character, it does change who they really are. That includes making James Bond gay in fanfiction, but he is still a man (and with the hint in Skyfall possibly bi-sexual). A woman would have a vastly different backstory, and realm of experience than a man.

I do think that we are in need of strong original female characters in films. They are very hard to come by, but I don’t think gender bending an established character is the answer to the creation of strong female characters. Gender and Race is inherent in who a person is. Perhaps a POC James Bond would work, but that would still fundamentally change Bond’s backstory and would fundamentally change the character that Ian Fleming created.

I’m all for equality between men and women (everyone really), but I don’t think changing the gender or race of an established character in film is the answer to bringing about equality. Filmmakers and writers would have to fundamentally change who that character is. I guess the best example I can use to finish off this opinion is the new Black Spiderman (Miles Morales). The writers wrote a whole new original character and basically killed Peter Parker.

I think 007 could be a woman. I think 007 could be a POC. But, 007 would no longer be James Bond. Anyway, my long windedness has gotten out of hand. Best, The Nut.

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I shouldn’t be so amazed by the talent people involved in fandom bring to the table. I’ve lurked long enough to absorb the high-caliber work created by those engaged in the community. Fiction, art, and film done by individuals around the world brought together for the love of a movie, television series, comic book, or graphic novel. A community of shared interest and fascination with the love of characters and worlds created by others. It’s worshipful and the work many fans generate is beautiful.

As a reader, I didn’t have a true inkling of the amount of time and effort writers and artist expended on the works I was enjoying. Writing my own stories, has brought into focus for me how challenging and time consuming creating works for fandom really is. If the words are flowing well, I average about 500 words per hour and my weekly word count goal is usually 7,500 to 10,000. To complete a story in a timely fashion, I allocate approximately 20 hours of my free time each week to writing. So my evenings and the weekends have become very full since I started writing last year. Between stories, I spend hours in preparation, creating character backgrounds and plotting, so when the time comes to write a story, I’m ready to go. It also, doesn’t account for the hours my beta, Xphil98197 an author in fandom herself, spends on dealing with my comma disability.

Memo. by Rachel Shenton, a 00Q fandom member, is a beautiful piece of fan video editing work that spotlights the fantastic, Ben Whishaw who plays Q in the films Skyfall (2012) and SPECTRE (2015). Rachel told me it took her about six hours to complete. Rachel’s work is a brilliant example of the excessive talent fandom has in its ranks. The direct youtube link to Memo. can be found here.

Becoming a fandom author has opened my eyes and enhanced my appreciation for the works I enjoy. I’m glad, I’m no longer ignorant in this regard.

Best, The Nut.

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On December 10th, three days after BBC Two aired the final episode of London Spy, I took a gander at the latest fandom added to Archive of Our Own (AO3). On that evening, there were already 49 fan works on the site, and I noted in a Facebook post that I was witnessing (and perhaps becoming a part of) the creation of a new fandom.

The show just aired its second episode here in the States, and I believe that this new fledgling fandom (a little speck of dust on the big floor of fandom) will probably start growing a bit. As of today at 5:00 pm central time, there are 117 fan works on AO3. I decided to do a bit more googling and came across a post that I think speaks to the majority of the feelings people in the fandom community have regarding the show.

vigilanteflower on tumblr, “The entire London Spy fandom is just going
to be an AU where Alex is alive and well. No one shall speak of canon.”

I would say in perusing AO3’s London Spy offerings, this is absolutely true. The feed is full of lovely fix-it, retellings, and AU stories to get our happy ending. There are also quite a few crossovers, specifically 27 stories crossed with the 00Q fandom (James Bond – Craig Interation) with 2 so far, crossing over with Kingsman:The Secret Service fandom. Also, some of the stories crossing over into the 00Q fandom contain the theme that Danny Holt becomes Q. For me, I don’t agree, since the character of Danny is very different from Q, but of course fandom’s writers and artists can do anything they want. It’s a beautiful thing, as well is Ben Whishaw, who plays both characters.

I do think the anguish I’ve seen on tumblr, facebook, etc., that people are experiencing from this tale of love found and lost, can only be assuaged through the literature and art created by fandom. Of course, many of us hope to hell the BBC will film another season (preferably with our happy ending). But, it also speaks to me of a need. I cannot remember ever seeing a high quality television show or movie that has a LGBTQ main character that doesn’t end tragically or extremely sad in some way. It’s frustrating and a travesty in my opinion, but I hope that I will see at least one in my lifetime.

In the meantime (while I’m waiting), I’m planning to write my own fix-it fic for Danny and Alex. I’m also caving to the crossover phenomenon, but not crossing my story with 00Q. If you have looked at this site, you know I’m a rabid, obsessed, 00Q whore (I mean that in a good way). However, I can just see Danny’s search for the truth to be a case the great detective and his blogger would take on. And yes, Alex is alive and waiting.

Best, The Nut.

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I continue to have fallen down the rabbit hole that is Tumblr, it’s a never ending pit of 00Qness and Sherlockiness (not that I’m complaining). I came across a really interesting thread (is that what the young folks are calling it?) about participation in fandom after 30. I can relate. You can check it out here

Best, The Nut.
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I’ve Tumbled, it’s just terrible. My luddite-ness is slowly being taken over by technology. After being a fandom lurker for thirteen years, in the last nine months I’ve stopped lurking, started writing fanfiction, started posting my fanfiction, decided to create a website to archive my fanfiction, started making digital art to accompany my stories, and now created a tumblr account to also highlight my work in fandom. Good grief! I still don’t know all the ins and outs of tumblr or how the platform really works. So this will be an experiment in WTF I’m sure.

You can find me on Tumblr here.
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May the writing flow and the fiction be fantastic!
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I realized after I had posted the third chapter of my current WIP today, that I have stumbled over the 100,000 word mark in just four months. I’m a bit stunned at myself, since I only started writing fiction in July. I know it’s a small drop in the ocean of fandom, when so many other authors have been sharing their work for years. But, it is significant for me considering that I had never written a story in my life before and honestly didn’t think I could.

I’ve been a lurker since 2002 and only recently decided to stop lurking and start participating in fandom. I signed up with my fandom name on Facebook in April and continued to lurk until June, when I decided to participate in Keira Marco’s Rough Trade writing challenge. Then the lurking stopped, I started commenting on fic that I enjoyed, got great tips and advice on writing, and I’ve made some lovely fandom friends.

It’s been a wonderful adventure so far and I’m so overjoyed to be a part of it that I have come out of the fandom closet to my family. They mostly don’t get it, but they have been encouraging nonetheless. My mother is so excited that I’m teaching myself to write that she has willingly and wholeheartedly read all of my stories. Lucky for me, she’s become quite liberal in her later years since my fandom writing is m/m romance with a dash of erotic sensuality. It’s not really her cup of tea (or coffee), but she admits to having enjoyed my efforts.

I’m so glad I stopped lurking. For anyone in fandom thinking about trying their hand at writing. I would say… Go For It. The rewards outway the risks. Best, The Nut.

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I was very surprised this morning when Marlislash Gabs, a talented banner artist in fandom, asked that I make her a James Bond/Q banner for her Facebook page. It’s flattering to be asked, since I’ve only been playing around learning to make banners for a few weeks now. It’s also exciting and I’m having fun practicing my skills. She requested a sentence as well and of course it’s all about 00Q romance for me!
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I’ve planned out a writing schedule for the rest of 2015 and 2016 to get a handle on my fanfiction projects, the writing challenges I’m planning to participate in, and plot bunnies that have popped into my head since July. The 2016 list isn’t set in stone, though I do plan on participating in Keira Marco’s Rough Trade writing challenges in April, July, and November. So without further ado, here are my fanfiction plans for the foreseeable future!

Title: Convergence (A stand-alone sequel to my sentinel fusion short story Transference)
Fandom/Genre: Criminal Minds
Relationship(s): Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid
Content Rating: Explicit, canon-level violence, detailed descriptions of murder victims, Humor, Romance, angst
Word Count: 30,000
Dr. Spencer Reid, newest addition to the BAU has been dreaming of art and murder. In denial that his telepathy has return, Spencer must work with his team and his boss Sentinel Aaron Hotchner to find the Unsub. Will love help Spencer control his gift or will the darkness in his mind destroy not only himself, but Aaron as well?
Date of Completion: November 25, 2015

Challenge: 00Q Reverse Big Bang 2015
Title: The Worth Your Doorway
Relationship (s): James Bond/Q
Genre: Skyfall, James Bond (Craig Movies)
Warnings: Explicit, romance, humor, angst
Word Count: 25,000
Summary: Q has no idea why he is sleeping with James Bond, womanizer, heartbreaker, libertine… lover.
Date of Completion: January 16, 2015

Challenge: Rough Trade (April 2016)
Title: Unknown
Relationship(s): Sherlock/OMC
Genre: Sherlock (BBC)
Warnings: Explicit, canon-level violence, descriptions of murder victims, romance, humor, angst
Word Count: 40,000
Summary: Sherlock gets a boyfriend and the Consulting Detective has no idea what to do about it.
Date of Completion: April 30, 2016

Challenge: Rough Trade “Little Black Dress” (July 2016)
Relationship(s): Bones McCoy/Khan, John Shepard/Rodney McKay, Sherlock/John Watson
Genre: Sentinel Fusion
Fandoms: Star Trek (AOS), Stargate Atlantis, Sherlock (BBC)
Word Count: 10,000 to 15,000 each

Challenge: Rough Trade (November 2016)
Title: Unknown
Relationship(s): Spencer Reid/Q
Genre/Fandoms: Crossover James Bond (Skyfall) and Criminal Minds
Warnings: Explicit, canon-level violence, romance, humor
Word Count: 50,000

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I received another present from themuller today via Facebook. A final banner for my story Forsaken! It is Fantastic, Fabulous, Phenomenal and I could go on and on! I’m gobsmacked and completely excited by the support I’ve received from the fandom community during the writing and posting of this story on Archive Of Our Own (AO3). I appreciate the multitude of lovely comments and encouragement I’ve been given for my work. And a shout out to the 00Q-James Bond/Q Addicted FB group. You guys are the best!
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The fandom community is a wonderful place with fantastic people. I’m slowly getting over my tendency to lurk and engage more within the community. It shouldn’t surprise me that there are so many wonderful folks in that space.

When a reader likes your story enough to set aside some of their valuable time to create a banner or artwork for you, it’s just amazing. themuller has made me two banners for my WIP Forsaken. Here is the second one created today for Chapter 7. I just love it.

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My three projects done in July for Keira Marcos’ “Little Black Dress” Writing Challenge have been accepted into the collection on AO3 (Archive of Our Own). There are currently nineteen works in thirty-three fandoms in the collection and more being added every day. The challenge is hosted on Rough Trade a writing website created by Keira as a safe environment for authors (new and experienced) to share works-in-progress whether it be original fiction or fan fiction.

The “Little Black Dress” Challenge is designed to help writers develop their short story skills creating three stories 10,000 to 15,000 Words in three different fandoms fused with The Sentinel during the month of July. You can find the collection on AO3 here. The site is maintained by the lovely Keira Marcos, Ladyholder, and Jilly James.

My experience in participating in the challenge was transformative for me and I can’t say enough nice things about it. For more information about Rough Trade and past/future challenges head over here.


Sep. 12th, 2015 06:49 am
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Banner by the talented themuller

Forsaken is my current WIP being posted on AO3 here.

Title: Forsaken
Author: Chestnut NOLA
Fandom/Genre: Skyfall (AU)
Relationships: James Bond/Q
Content Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Cannon level-violence, romance, humor, angst, explicit sex
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As a Luddite, I've resisted being more involved social media over the years. I signed up for Facebook kicking and screaming, didn't use my LiveJournal for 10 years other than to lurk, and have so far sucessfully avoided signing up for twitter. I also have no idea what Tumblr is about and it seems difficult to navigate. Having said all of that, with my new involvement in writing in fandom I decided to figure out how to set up a blog/website for my stories. The last three days has been an excercise in frustration and WTF, but I have suceeded in creating a space for my stories. I'm still tweaking it and have ended up accidentally deleting posts as I've worked with it. However, I have finally figured a good portion of it out and I'm fairly pleased with my efforts. So without further ado here is a link to my WordPress site!
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Unbeknownst to partial Sentinel John Watson a tentative bonding link occurred with Sherlock during their standoff with Moriarty at the pool. After having refused to bond with anyone for years--people are idiots--Sherlock is now afraid to lose the link that is helping him to stabilize his Guide abilities. As John’s other senses emerge will Sherlock be able to keep the bond secret?

Banner by the fabulous Jilly James

This is the third project written for the July 2015 Rough Trade "Little Black Dress" Challenge hosted by Keira Marcos. To find out more about Keira's writing challenges head over to Rough Trade at

Muse is on AO3 at here
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A spontaneous bond occurs between 007 and Q at their first meeting at the National Gallery. Can James, a diabolically independent Guide with abandonment issues accept a bond with his high-strung Sentinel Quartermaster?

Banner by the Fabulous Jilly James.

This is the second project written for the July 2015 Rough Trade "Little Black Dress" Challenge hosted by Keira Marcos. To find out more about Keira's writing challenges head over to Rough Trade at

Commune is on AO3 at here
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Banner by the Fabulous Jilly James.
Spencer Reid is a sensitive human with a newly emerged telepathic gift that links his mind to that of a serial killer. Arrested by the FBI on suspicion of murder, Spencer must convince the BAU and Sentinel Aaron Hotchner that he is witness to the crimes not the perpetrator. Can Spencer help the BAU catch a serial killer or will his telepathic gift be his downfall?

After much mulling and trepidation I decided to participate in Keira Marcos' Rough Trade a short story challenge held in July of this year. Transference is the first story I have ever written fanfiction or otherwise. It was challenging and very satisfying to do. I'll be completing a sequel in October. You can find out more about Keira's Rough Trade Writing Challenge at

I am posting my stories on AO3. Here is the link to Transference
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I originally registered for livejournal in 2005 in order to access specific authors I was following in fandom. Now that I am writing in fandom, I have decided to start actually using my account to post. We'll see how it goes!


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