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Dr. Spencer Reid, newest addition to the BAU has been dreaming of art and murder. In denial that his telepathy has return, Spencer must work with his team and his boss Sentinel Aaron Hotchner to find the Unsub. Will love help Spencer control his gift or will the darkness in his mind destroy not only himself, but Aaron as well?

Convergence is a romantic suspense novella set in the fandom of Criminal Minds fused with The Sentinel. It is a sequel to my short story Transference, but can be read as a stand alone.

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This my current WIP, a sequel to my short story Transference a Criminal Minds alternative universe fused with The Sentinel. You can read the excerpt here. I also taught myself how to make a banner!
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Banner by the Fabulous Jilly James.
Spencer Reid is a sensitive human with a newly emerged telepathic gift that links his mind to that of a serial killer. Arrested by the FBI on suspicion of murder, Spencer must convince the BAU and Sentinel Aaron Hotchner that he is witness to the crimes not the perpetrator. Can Spencer help the BAU catch a serial killer or will his telepathic gift be his downfall?

After much mulling and trepidation I decided to participate in Keira Marcos' Rough Trade a short story challenge held in July of this year. Transference is the first story I have ever written fanfiction or otherwise. It was challenging and very satisfying to do. I'll be completing a sequel in October. You can find out more about Keira's Rough Trade Writing Challenge at

I am posting my stories on AO3. Here is the link to Transference


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